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Eritrium is a multi-user software solution that includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a Supply Change Management (SCM).


It is an affordable and easy-to-use web based business management solution for small to mid-sized enterprises.  


Because Eritrium is a web app, you can start using it now without the installation of complex software, just your web browser or your mobile device and a basic internet connection.


Eritrium provides the following features:



Budget Management.

Product and Service Definition and Management.

Suppliers and Manufacturer Relationships.

Stock and Warehouse Management

Purchase Management


Asset Management

Marketing Campaigns

Lead Management

Sales Opportunities and Activities


Customer Management

Contact Management

Sales Orders

Delivery Note Management.

Invoices and Payments

Project Management

Problem and Fault Tracking (Trouble Tickets)

Phone Call Handling (also Call Center Management)

Document Management.


POS (Point Of Sale).